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13 July 2015

5 Ways Bloggers Brunch

If you don't know from your weekend Instagram feeds, bloggers love nothing more than brunch. Maybe it has something to do with the pretty mimosas, or the food, or the company, or the ambient lighting...whatever it is, we love a good brunch. And, I have to say that in my humble opinion, bloggers have this brunching thing down to a science. In fact, here are 5 ways bloggers brunch: 

1. We never pass up an alcoholic beverage. They don't call it Sunday Funday for nothing, and we know it. Sure, brunch cocktails tend to be incredibly photogenic, but they also happen to be yummy, too.  A win win!

2. We are all for sharing what's on our plate. After all, sharing is caring, amiright? We never pass an opportunity to slice and dice a burger or double dip a fry in several sauces. And as for sides? You can bet that those will be passed around the table once or twice. 

3. We know the best places to seek out brunch. Whether they're well-known stops or hidden gems, we bloggers bring our brunch a-game. This weekend our restaurant of choice was Pijiu Belly, a local hangout on Atlanta's Westside just around the corner from Georgia Tech. This pub-style place provides a festive atmosphere and fresh Asian fusion & American pub fare. The result? A whole lot of delicious. I tried their veggie frittata with a side of bacon, but the real show stopper was the fried grit sticks with bacon aioli. They were my favorite thing I tried all day! Of course there were tons of other wonderful things on the menu including the southern favorite, chicken and waffles. Declared one of Atlanta's best brunch spots to cure your hangover by Eater, I also hear that Pijiu's burger is already a contender for Atlanta's best of the best. See? We're on top of it. 

4. We never let a friend order poorly. From sweet potato tot nachos to veggie frittatas, from Benedict burgers to french toast and grit sticks, we help guide each other in the right direction. There's no shame to our ordering game, and chances are you'll be talked into the not-so-healthy choice long before that green salad. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

5. We'll try it all! From obscure dishes to classic delicacies, there is nothing we won't at least dabble in. Including after brunch desserts.  Pijiu Belly's Big A** Chocolate Cake? Yes, please. 

Thanks so much to Tori Allen PR & Pijiu Belly for hosting a group of us for an amazing blogger brunch this past weekend. While my meal and beverages were paid for, all opinions of the delicious food are my own. 


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  1. I'm now starving after looking at your beautiful pictures! Brunching is the best, especially when you have great company!!


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