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22 June 2015

Why You Should Treat Yourself

Last week, I received my first ever "nice" bag. Seriously. For as much as I love to look at nice bags, I never bit the bullet and actually bought one, but last week, I did! And I have to say, she's a unique Kate Spade ostrich bag, and she's a beauty.

There's something about buying a nice thing for yourself. For one, there is an enormous sense of accomplishment. I've spent several years working on my side hustle, so to be able to buy myself something nice with the fruits of my labor is huge. For another, there's a great sense of pride when you use said nice thing. For my husband, that might be a golf club, for you, it might be a great dress or even a kitchen appliance. I've used my bag for the past few days, and every time I pick it up, I think about how awesome it was that I bought it for myself. Woo! 

So, just in case you wanted to treat yourself today, I rounded up a few current favorites from the Kate Spade sale section. Like this very popular scallop tote, this absolutely adorable clutch (that's under $120!!!) and don't even get me started on this wallet. Treat yourself!

Current Kate Spade sale favorites:

P.S. The playing cards are from this adorable, Athens-based shop. Aren't they the cutest?! 


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