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04 May 2015

Finding Inspiration in Simple Places

I've been on a positivity kick recently. Listening to positive podcasts, pinning inspirational quotes, and snapping up trinkets here and there that will keep me feeling good and inspired. One of the most important parts of finding inspiration is surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good and provide positive reminders. Adding small reminders around your home or office can truly make a difference and keep you motivated; it's all about finding inspiration in simple places.

One of my favorite sources for items like this is Karen Adams Designs. Karen Adams Designs has beautiful stationery, notebooks, pencils, and other desk accessories that can really turn your attitude around. The Chic notebook and pencil set is a great way to add small reminders to really improve inspiration and creativity. Often these small inspirations are exactly what we need to get the ball rolling on a new venture or even a DIY project. The Chic Set reminds us that as women, we can do anything and shouldn't be afraid to look for daily inspiration in the simplest of places. Each two-toned pencil has a different power word on it: original, strong, creative, or fierce. Love that.

My notebook and pencil has found it's permanent home in my purse. I take it with me everywhere and pull it out when inspiration strikes. It's become a great place to record blog ideas, books I want to read, and quotes I hear that I want to remember. And every time I turn the cover, I'm reminded (in the cheekiest way) that I am original, courageous, strong, fierce, that I am a strong, smart woman...and that everyone else should get over it. Or join in. 

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, use Karen Adams Designs as a one-stop shop for getting mom a special gift that she deserves. I'm loving the idea of gifting her a boxed set of note cards or a beautiful paperweight for a daily reminder of you on her desk.

Thanks to Karen Adams Designs for gifting me this notebook and pencil set. All inspiration and opinions are my own.


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  1. How WONDERFUL! This post came at a great time for me - what a great reminder of the power of positive thinking!!

    Peachtree Roadies


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