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27 March 2015

Take it all in

This week has been rough. From being sick to experiencing a few not-so-great days, I'm thankful for the weekend being upon us. I have few plans this weekend which is exactly how I want it to be: low key and reflective. One of my best friends suffered a devastating loss this week, and when I stumbled upon this card, I knew it was exactly the wise reminder that we all needed. Life is fleeting, y'all, and it makes me think twice about many things. Like not getting upset about this event or that collaboration that in the grand scheme, don't matter at all. Or like really taking a good, hard look at where your life is headed or how you're treating other people. Of course it's not lost on me that we tend to have these reflective moments in times of loss, but I like to think that it's all part of the grieving processes.

So this weekend, I hope to be thankful for life. To actually attend that workout class. To breathe deeply. To take in the beautiful weather. To splurge a little on dessert or good wine. To be thankful for friends, family, and health. To avoid comparison and jealousy. And to remember that really, it's about what I do have and not what I don't.

Have a great one, y'all! Take it all in and let me know below what your plans are for embracing life this weekend.


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  1. What a post!! Such awesome, beautiful inspiration. Thanks so much for putting this out into the universe!!

    Peachtree Roadies


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