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10 December 2014

Unique Ways to Wrap your Gifts

I have been scheming this post for quite some time, and I am so happy that I can finally bring it to you! One of my favorite things about giving gifts is the opportunity to wrap them. I seriously horde wrapping paper and Hunter spends much of his holiday season getting onto me for purchasing more of it. I can't help it, though, I love it...which is why I am thrilled to introduce to you not one, but two incredible ways to personalize your gifts and wrap them just beautifully for the holidays. 

Local Atlanta company, Lilywrap, is going to amaze you. Seriously, your mind will be blown by this beautiful, sturdy, stretchy, reusable, fabric wrapping. I cannot say enough fabulous things about this wrapping. I am obsessed! Curious as to how it works? Watch this video. Trust me, the video is key in understanding how to cinch your presents closed, but once you've mastered it (in less than 10 seconds, no less), the smile on your face will be plastered on as you wrap gift after gift. I wrapped all of the gifts seen here in under a minute. Honest to goodness! 

I love all of Lilywrap's beautiful patterns, but I've been especially smitten by the Green Herringbone. The mauve satin ribbon is a beautiful addition to the already lovely tonal colors. The rest of the holiday satin ribbon collection is extremely complimentary, but it wouldn't hurt to toss in some of the matte ribbon collection as well. Eek! So fun! As a special deal to PPD readers, Lilywrap is offering 20% off of all of their wrapping with the code: MERRYDOT

As if Lilywrap wasn't fabulous enough, I am also elated to introduce to you beautiful, hand-lettered wrapping paper by Meme Davis. Meme is one of my sorority sisters and is one talented lady. She designed our wedding suite, and also happens to do a bit of calligraphy from time to time for your favorite southern magazine, Southern Living. See? Super talented. 

Meme just introduced personalized wrapping paper to her shop, and it's so well made, so thick (key for professional wrapping), so beautiful that I don't want to use it. But I am...because it's awesome. Our wrapping paper says "Merry! Merry! love, the Letts," and looks just like this (and is seen on the small packages in the top image). So cute, right?! Meme also hand-letters these beautiful holiday gift tags. Add one to a bottle of wine for a hostess gift, or tag each of your presents under your tree. They're lovely.

So is your wrapping paper life changed?! I hope so! Head over to each of these shops and add their wrapping to your cart. Merry merry!




  1. I'm shocked you didn't go for the Lilywrap polka dots! Love both of these ideas for holiday wrapping - so unique :)
    --Kelly & Meg

    1. Oh don't you worry ladies, I have that one ready to wrap a few gifts, too!


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