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13 August 2014

Local Haunts: Alon's Bakery

Every Saturday, without a doubt, I head directly from Pure Barre over to Alon's Bakery for my weekend dose of happy. Alon's is an Atlanta haunt that specializes in curating local products as well as its own for customers. Their selection of wine and cheese is impeccable, but I'm especially smitten by their desserts and other delicatessens. They have cookies and croissants, chocolate and caramels, pickles and relishes, jams and spreads. It's heaven.

If you visit for breakfast, be sure to snap up an egg white panini, a wonderful mix of Gruyere, tomatoes, and a splash of olive oil. For lunch, I'm partial to their roast beef, but you could easily choose several of their premade salads (like the kale and cranberry one) for a perfect little picnic. And the cakes? Don't even get me started. While there are two locations, I have to say that I love the original store in Virginia Highlands the most. The tight space and friendly employees make it feel like your local bakery, and the best part? It actually is.


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