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06 August 2014

DIY Back to School Gift

Can you believe that it's back to school in Georgia already? It's true! We started yesterday with a new group of kiddies eager to learn. It's crazy how fast summer flies by, and we're right back into the old routine once again. 

One of my favorite parents ever does this really amazing thing where she gives her kids' teachers back to school gifts. I just love that! It is such an unexpected surprise, and it really kicks off my year well. I thought I'd offer y'all an idea of an easy back to school gift for your students' teachers. Don't have kids? Gift it to a coworker. Work from home? Do it for yourself! It's so easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Ready? Here it goes...

For this DIY, you'll need the following: 

- an indoor plant
- a cute coffee mug (like this one from Anthro)
- a gift tag
- a paperclip 

Place or plant your greenery into a coffee mug, add a gift tag, and send it off to school with your favorite student. It's that simple.

Since my coffee mug was the perfect size for my plant, I chose to leave the plant in its original container. This will allow for excess water to drain into the base of the mug. Plus, no extra soil is needed. Add a gift tag to the cup with directions for how to care for the plant. Slide your gift tag through a paperclip and push the paperclip into the mug. Don't forget to write who the plant is from on the front of the tag.

I am sure you already know that plants are not only a natural source of air purification, but they also have a tendency to rejuvenate, boost energy and improve productivity. That's why plants make the perfect back to school gift. Pop it into a cute coffee mug, and your work here is done!



  1. Love this! What a fantastic idea that is not only pretty but also affordable. And who doesn't love better air quality? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Seriously, air quality is KEY especially with those little germ carriers I work with. Haha!

  2. Such a creative idea Nicole! I was using mine for pens but now I want to do this!



    1. Let me know if you do! I really wanted to plant a succulent, but I couldn't find a good one. Can't wait to see your twist on it!


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