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05 February 2014

Missy Robertson for Southern Fashion House

Breathable fabrics, longer hemlines, silhouettes for "real" women, and a whole lot of southern charm are the things that make the new Missy Robertson for Southern Fashion House collection absolutely, well, perfect. Debuting just last week in Atlanta, the line hails from Robertson's Louisana roots and Stephanie Carter's eye for design.  Punchy colors, intricate crocheting, and unique silhouettes make the line appealing for women of all ages. But, the real story of the clothes lies behind the seams.

The debut has been almost a year in the making, and the story is laced in, more than anything, friendship. Settling for nothing but the best for her clothing line vision, Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson, made the call to Stephanie Carter, head designer and founder of the widely successful Judith March brand, on a Friday. True to her go-getter personality, Carter jumped on the opportunity and agreed to a meeting one week later. Pulling together a dream team to prepare, Carter presented Robertson with thirty sample frocks and blouses the following week. Thus began the first steps in the Missy Robertson for Southern Fashion House line, as well as the foundation of a wonderful friendship.

While the duo's partnership is definitely focused on business, there is a certain level of sisterhood among the pair as well. They finish each others' sentences; they belly-laugh. Watching them work together makes the onlooker realize that this relationship is much more than a business deal; it is a bond, a camaraderie, a companionship. This partnership has real staying power. 

Carter says, "I'm a firm believer in the fact that God opens doors," and she asserts that the idea for a more modest line with longer hemlines that appealed to an older age-group had been tugging on her heart-strings for quite some time. She just needed the right charge to come along and nudge her towards believing in the bigger picture, and that's what Robertson did.

Robertson adds that modesty is a key part of the collection; there's no need to show "every nook and cranny" a woman has to offer, she explains. She also wanted women to be able to feel good in her pieces and to be comfortable in every aspect of their daily routine. From volunteering at school to spending an evening with their husbands, the line is meant to be versatile. Further, Robertson's Southern Fashion House collection aims to flatter with cuts that specifically make the tummy look smaller and the legs sharper. CEO Christy Carlisle Smith adds that the line's silhouettes are modeled after a look that Southern Fashion House has perfected; it's a familiar design with a more mature personality. Adding to the "real woman" appeal is the fact that size extra large now makes an appearance in the Missy Robertson line; the first brand in Southern Fashion House to do so. 

Starting a fashion empire in the deep south definitely has challenges, but Carter has risen to the occasion, "It allows people to think creatively and design what women want without any distractions." Smith adds, "We certainly know how to take care of the business side of things, but we know how to relax as well."

This has got to be one of the secrets of the Southern Fashion House company because their brands keep getting smarter, their company bigger, and their clothes better. The future for Missy Robertson for Southern Fashion House is bright; she's in good hands.



  1. What a great story, Nicole! Excellent job covering this exciting new line. I can't wait to see what this dynamic duo brings us next!

  2. It's such a beautiful line. Stephanie pours her heart and soul in all her adventures and this ones with Missy is labor of love for her. Both ladies are doing great things. ~Kelli


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