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10 January 2014

Friday's Fanices: The College Years

College. Who doesn't look back on those years fondly? It was the time of unlimited dining dollars, sweatpants in public, and greek-life galore. I, for one, would go back right now if I could. I miss it. Long for it. PINE for it, y'all. But, since we all know that one can't snap his/her fingers and be magically transported back to a more simplified time,  we'll just have to find ways to live vicariously instead.

One way to do that is to be reminded of the joys of wearing sorority t-shirts 6/7 days per week (you can't wear a t-shirt to chapter, remember?!). Judith March has recently launched an entire line of GREEK goods, and they. are. FANTASTIC!

Another way to be reminded of college is to think about the happiest day of the year: book buy-back day. The day where you made a whopping $17 for the $250+ worth of books you bought just four months before. Luckily, today's college kids have it a little bit easier. They can RENT THEIR TEXTBOOKS. 

With, renting textbooks is easy peasy...and totally worth it. For one thing, they can save 40-90% off of bookstore prices. Which means more money for other things (ie. shopping and food). Couple that with free shipping both directions and the fact that donates to Operation Smile with every purchase they make, what is there to lose?

My little sister is a sophomore at UGA (Hi Maggie). Just for kicks, I looked-up one of her textbooks. She is a smarty-pants and is taking a course on textiles about the production and properties of fibers, yarns, and fabrics. The book she needs for this class is Textiles (11th edition) by Sara J. Kadolph. On Amazon, that book would cost her $114.57. Renting from $42.45! That's a savings of over $70. It's a no brainer. 

Plus, now she can make money with's new initiative RentBack. Let's say she happens to have already purchased a copy of Textiles, through RentBack she can rent her book to other students which means that she can make 2-4 times more money than typical bookstore buy-back programs. Ditch bookstore buy-backs for good: is the way to study and save!

Ah, to be a college student again. I'll leave you with thoughts of cover-bands & all-nighters for your weekend. Make it a good one!

PS. It's the final stretch for entering the Judith March Giveaway!
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  1. That squirrel tank, I die. Oh, to go back to the sorority days. Also, I took that exact same textiles class at UGA—Godspeed to your sister. It's not hard per say, just tedious.


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