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07 August 2013

New School Year, New Routines, and New Things

Today officially marks the first day of school and the end of me squeezing in just a few more minutes of sleep every morning. I am excited to get to work to meet my new group of kids and get started on a year of teaching and learning. Every school year, I challenge myself to find a few new routines and get just a hair more organized. Believe it or not, I would not classify myself as an organized individual. I love pretty paper, cute organizers, and fun pens, but I typically keep a calendar for about a month before it gets lost in the abyss of my purse/desk never to be found again.


This year, though, I want to make the change a little more permanent. I'm planning to start keeping an editorial calendar for the blog thanks to these adorable print-outs, and with some new things on the horizon for me (not to mention our wedding), I'm hoping to devote an hour or so every day to planning my days and weeks ahead. I think it will help cut down on the stress, don't you? By the way, Emily Ley has tons of other freebies on her blog for simplified living. Be sure to visit.


Speaking of new things on the horizon, I am thrilled to let you guys know that I am officially a contributor for For Chic Sake, an adorable and informative blog choc-full of recipes, style advice, and decor ideas. I'll be contributing fashion & style posts (yay!) in the coming weeks, so be sure to add For Chic Sake to your favorite blog roll and follow along! 

P.S. Did you know that PPD has a Facebook page now? It's true! Keep up with all of your favorite happenings with me there. Oh, and as a special treat for you today, one of my sponsor's, Accessory Mercado, is having a HUGE flash sale tonight at 8 CST / 9 EST. Get 30% off of your purchase with the code: SUMMER30. Be sure to like their page & be on Facebook at 8/9 sharp for all of the deals.

And one more thing...don't forget to enter my Pearl Connection giveaway!

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  1. I love that desk shot! I think I have it pinned somewhere. Love all the colors & patterns!


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