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26 June 2013

Life's Little Details

This is my final semester of my Ed.S. degree, and one of my classes is digital photography. I have been practicing with my camera taking pictures all over the house this week. I'm not sure I'm getting any better, but I am noticing little details here and there around our home. Since I haven't talked about a house update in quite sometime, I thought I'd show you some of the pictures I've been taking to give you a glimpse!

1:: Flowers just outside our front windows that I never noticed until a few days ago. 

2:: Saving my mags for our trip to the beach. Have I mentioned that we're leaving on Saturday? No? ;) I know, I know, but I can't stop thinking about it!

3:: Anthro ikat bowl and Design Darling matches

4:: One of many antique items I have stocked on my built-ins. I played with this phone at my grandparent's house, they gifted it to me in college, and it sits in my home now. I love that it has their phone number on it (sans area code, of course!). 

5:: Some of my favorite perfumes that I sometimes forget to wear. Recently I've been addicted to Twirl, but there isn't anything like an old favorite.
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  1. Great pics! I love, love, love the old phone! Now that I think about it...I wonder if my grandparents still have the one I played on! Have a great time at the beach! :)


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