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11 April 2012

The Ultimate DIY: Built-in Bookshelves

As you know, Hunter has been hard at work building a unit of built-ins for our office. Today, I can proudly say, that they are complete! A lot of blood and sweat (there's no crying in home-decorating) went into them, and they look fantastic because of it. Hunter did a majority of the work, and then I helped level & paint.

Here's a reminder of where we started:

A few days ago, with Maggie's good eye paired with mine, we styled them beautifully.

I love the look of styled, useful, and inviting shelves. Here are a few of our styled shelves inspiration pictures: 

Following Jenny's advice, we started with the big pieces

and moved out from there, adding books and tchotchkes (the chic word for knick-knacks) as we worked.

We even had to rummage around the house to find a few extra little pieces to add to the shelves. Are you ready for the end result? Ta-Da!

I am so so happy with how they turned out, and I've found myself stopping to admire them every day this week. It is definitely the look I wanted, and I think the room is so much brighter and happier. I am so excited to snuggle in the rocking chair with a good book soon.


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  1. OMG they look awesome! You need to send a pic to Emily! How cool!


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