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22 July 2011

Friday Foodie: Cupcakes

In 2009 the restaurant craze was hamburger joints. 2010 brought on DIY frozen yogurt. I am officially naming 2011 the year of the cupcake. It seems as though there is a new cupcakery in every neighborhood now, and if there's not, just wait for a few months. Here are some places near you if you want to try this tasty trend:

Brookhaven: The Cup is brand new to the Town complex. I tried it last weekend and really enjoyed the kiddie size red velvet. There is a huge selection that changes daily, so check the website to make sure your flavor is available for your visit.

Buckhead: Cami Cakes is by far my favorite cupcake bakery that I've found. Their moist cakes and indulgent icing are an award-winning combination. Pick up a unique cupcake like The Elvis for an extra sweet treat.
The Elvis is the 1st one in row 2 on the left.

Virginia Highlands: I'd dare to say The Atlanta Cupcake Factory was the first cupcakery in the city, but I didn't research it so don't hold me to it. However, I've done enough research to know that the El Diablo is a delight whether or not your feeling devilish.
This one is banana & chocolate!
 West Side: West Egg's cupcakes are always staring at me as soon as I walk in the door of this brunch hotspot. While I can't vouch for their taste, they look yummy enough to buy a whole dozen before 10 am.

Inman Park/O4W: Highland Bakery has some of the best eggs I've had in town (definitely beats J. Christopher's & The Flying Biscuit), but they are also well known for their bakery - obviously. Their butter pecan cupcake looks sweetly kind of thing!


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