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17 November 2017

Caramel Apples Two Ways: Caramel Apple Snack Plate with Autumn Glory Apples

Let's be real: is there anything more delightful in the fall than a caramel apple? In my humble opinion, there simply isn't. However, while caramel apples are super fun to make and quite delicious, too, prep and clean-up can be a sticky mess. Between melting the caramel just right, finding suitable sticks, and buffing the apples so the caramel sticks, you never quite know if the path to fall's favorite treat is going to take a few minutes or several hours. 

Case in point: when I set-out to develop caramel apple "cake-pops." I had a brilliant idea of making miniature caramel apples, and I got to work scooping tiny balls out of my Autumn Glory apples with a melon baller. These were going to be EPIC...and as I dipped the tiny little balls into caramel, my recipe dreams crumbled to the ground: the caramel slipped right off into a sticky puddle. Not exactly what I had imagined. And so, I improvised.

The idea behind the cakepops was to create something healthy yet fun. With my caramel apple topping bar already prepared - a little midweek treat to myself - I turned lemons into lemonade. I melted some caramel soft candies, added a little sea salt, sliced up a delicious, sweet cinnamon-flavored apple and enjoyed a caramel apple snack plate. Here's what I included on mine:

- Crushed pretzel sticks
- Candy-covered miniature chocolate candies
- Caramel with sea salt

The possibilities with this are endless. I love the idea of doing this cheese plate style with tons of toppings for a "healthier"girls night. Think things like shredded coconut, crushed toasted pecans, miniature chocolate chips, sprinkles, and even melted fondue cheese.

Get kids involved, too! They'll love watching the oozy caramel capture tiny toppings before their eyes.

I mentioned today's post would have caramel apples two ways: come back next week for steamy baked caramel apples; the perfect end to a fall dinner party. 


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