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25 October 2017

Building a Sinister Charcuterie

Wow. I am overwhelmed by the response to Monday's post. It is my most-visited post of the whole year! Thank you to those who read and commented on social media. Whether or not you agree, I appreciate it. 

And now, back to more palatable topics! 

If you're gearing up for this weekend's festivities, add this sinister charcuterie to your weekend plans. My friends and I love cheese plates. They make an appearance at every gathering that we have, and thanks to lots of practice, our platters have gone from basic to over-the-top. In the best way possible.

With Halloween in less than a week (!!!), I couldn't miss the chance to play-up the holiday with a spooky charcuterie. Everything from the slate platter to the bone-esque utensils, and from the fig jam to the pickled okra is from World Market. I've linked everything for you below. 

Get the scoop on selecting the best cheeses, the meats, and the other accruements over on Annette Joseph Style. I'm spilling how I selected everything, and sharing one of her go-to posts about how to build an unforgettable charcuterie. Don't miss it! 


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