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06 September 2017

Fall Style + Closet Overhaul

Since Friday, I've had fall on my mind. I spent basically all day on Monday sifting through Labor Day sales and really thinking hard about the future of my wardrobe. As I shared with a friend, I've made a few mistakes when stocking my closet over the past few years. Here's where I am (and where I'm headed!). 

Let's start at the beginning. I left the education field a little over two years ago. At the time, I was wearing office appropriate clothes during the week that I would rarely, if ever, bust back out at night or on the weekends. At the time, that meant I essentially had two wardrobes: one for work and one for play. That also meant that I developed this very bad habit of purchasing items for an occasion versus for a season. If I needed something for a night out with friends, I went shopping. If I needed something for a tailgate, I went shopping. I always found myself picking up an item or two of terrible quality on major sale, wearing it once (because I liked it enough) and never wearing it again. 

Last spring, I did a major spring/summer overhaul. I got rid of a ton of items, but I have to admit, I sank right back into my old ways. There are tops I bought this summer that I wore once. UGH! But today, I am standing before you committed to making a change. Fall is the season that I get myself under control and start buying things that are staples. 

My new work world is working from home which means I end up wearing a lot of t-shirts. Too many, actually, and when it comes time for a meeting, I rotate 2-3 items. My goal for this fall is to buy some items that are casual and cute, but also functional. I think these leggings are a prime example of exactly that! They're leggings, but the gold zipper detail immediately punches them up to a more sophisticated level. If I wear them with a chunky sweater and some fun heels, I think I'm in business! 

In a perfect world, I probably wouldn't shop at any of the fast fashion companies, but let's be real: in the midst of my fashion crisis, I am also working on furnishing a house. My goal is to get back to a basic color scheme, so I can mix and match, but continue to punch up my wardrobe with a few fun items from time to time. Because the reality is, that there's always going to be a football game, there's always going to be fun dinner with friends, and there's always going to be a reason to shop. 

Whew. This turned out to be really long. Here's a peek at what's headed my way this week. I can't wait to see how my closet starts to morph! I'll let you know if I stick to it. Hold me accountable, please! 


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