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17 July 2017

I caved...what's headed my way from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I swore I wouldn't do it. I 100% wouldn't be sucked-in to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I wasn't going to even look at it...and then I did. And I watched 2,000 IG stories featuring try-on sessions. And I scoured every single page of that dang sale. And I bought a lot of stuff. UGH. 

In my humble opinion, the sale is pretty good. It's not earth-shattering good, but it's good enough to justify a few purchases, especially on items for the fall. For those of you who can't get behind fall purchases yet, I get it. I really do. I am an immediate satisfaction kind of gal, too. However, there are things that I've been needing for a while (hello, a good pair of jeans and a solid pair of boots), and when I saw them on sale, I at least had to give them a try. 

I admit, I wasn't going to post about the sale at all, but then I had dinner with some of my favorite people on Friday night, and one of them asked me if I would (heeeyyyyy Annie!), so I am! We talked about how a lot of bloggers don't necessarily look at us (ie. boobs and hips), and so in the spirit of that sentiment, here's what is arriving later this week! 


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