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26 June 2017

How to make your spaces POP!

When it comes to interiors, there are some things that I'm really good at. I love choosing lighting and hardware. I can put different pieces of art together. I've even started understanding pattern play a little bit too. However, there's one thing that I really struggle with: styling surfaces. Our coffee table is basically a holding spot for magazines, remotes, and a lone candle. It's not exactly magazine worthy. 

Recently, we purchased a large sideboard to go underneath our television in our master bedroom. Yes, I know a sideboard traditionally goes in a dining room, but this one provided us with the storage we needed as well as the look we were going for in our master, so into the bedroom it went! And I kind of love it there.

Here's the problem: it's a LARGE sideboard and there is a lot of surface area. On one hand, that's great for storage because that means there are deep cabinets and enormous drawers. On the other hand, the top of it looks really empty. Even though we've only had the piece for a few weeks, it was starting to drive me slightly crazy as to what I could put on top of it. 

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love *things*. I have a lot of books, a lot of trinkets, and a lot of little memories that I can't part with. However, when thinking about our dresser (aka. the sideboard), I wanted to make sure I didn't clutter it. I wanted useful items that filled the space while serving dual purposes, but I had no idea where to start, so I turned to SwatchPop! for help.

SwatchPop! is an online interior design service where design professionals are at your fingertips. Here's how it works: start by creating a profile and filling-out a detailed survey about your design likes and dislikes and the stores you regularly shop. The more specific you can be here, the better! Next, choose your pops. In my case, I wanted to style my dresser as well as another little nook nearby for a total of 3 pops (1 pop for the dresser styling, 2 pops for nook furniture and wall decor).

Then, you tell your designer (who you'll soon meet!) what your needs are as well as a little bit about your style. This is your opportunity to share inspiration photos, measurements, and your budget. Again, be as specific as you can! Finally, chat with your designer and let the magic happen. Within a few days, you'll be on your way to a newly designed space!

I loved hearing from my designer (almost daily for a week) and seeing progress along the way. I truly felt as though she got to know me and my style which meant that the process was a quick one. Within a week, I had renderings of my space along with a product list of where to find the same items (and even alternates if things were not affordable or unavailable). 

Perhaps the best part was the affordability of everything! Your first pop is $49.95 and each pop after is $29.95. So let's say that you need furniture ($49.95), wall decor ($29.95), and rug help ($29.95). You can get an entire room designed for $110! Even better? SwatchPop gave me a code for anyone who wants to try the service. Just type in PolkaDots to receive 10% off. Woot! 

I truly loved the experience of SwatchPop! and I'll definitely be using their services again in the future. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see the dresser and nook project come to life! 

Thanks so much to SwatchPop! for the complimentary services. All opinions (and excitement) are my own! 


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