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06 March 2017

PPD Renovates: Paint and Drywall

It's been a loooong time since I did a renovation update, and honestly, it's because nothing was happening. Due to these pesky things called inspections, the house spent nearly a month with absolutely no noticeable movement. During that time, we did get a new hot water heater and a new HVAC (joy), but when it came to seeing actual changes, they were few and far between. 

I have to say, renovation is not for the faint of heart. It's absolutely nothing like Fixer Upper or Flip or Flop, and what can be done on T.V. in six weeks is more like six months in real life. I mean, I knew that going into it, but when you're living in a house the size of a dorm room while your actual house is being renovated, time can move incredibly slow. 

Now, we're starting to pick up steam once again. In fact, while we were in Mobile for three nights for Mardi Gras, our team was able to completely paint the outside and put up all of the drywall. When we left town, we left behind a yellow Hardie board exterior and nothing but wood framing, insulation, and wires on the interior. Imagine our surprise when we came home to so much change! 

I never shared framing pictures with you all because frankly, they're pretty dizzying to look at, but now that drywall is up, I can show you some progress. 

Something to remember: a majority of our changes are happening in our former attic space. Because of that, there's no real "before and after" shots. When there's one to share, I'll note it below! 

The top photo in the post is where we started with the exterior, and here's the exterior today:

We're pretty much obsessed with our brick and our paint choice. Paint is so funny. In some light, the  gray paint looks super bright...almost white. In other light, it reads darker. We chose Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone and are very pleased with our choice. 

Our brick is beautiful too. I love how it reads just a little bit pink and has some whitewash, too. One of the things that we uncovered during demo were some super old bricks. Hunter had the great idea to incorporate them into our stoop. You can't really see the detail when you're standing on the stoop, but when you look out the laundry room window, it's such a cool feature (they're the larger bricks in the center). Of course, once we get our roof on our overhang, we'll loose that view, but it's nice to know those original bricks are there. 

As far as the inside goes, here are a few pictures of our rooms. They're each labeled to help you picture what will be there in the future. 

Living & Dining (old office) before. 

Entry before.

Living & dining during framing.

Living & dining (and front entry) with drywall. 
Another view of Living & Dining + a shot of our new fireplace. There will be a brick surround with built-ins on either side of it.
Going up the stairs.

Top of the stairs (in front of the shot above). Laundry Room is directly ahead. There are two guest rooms to your right, and you can see a glimpse of the master on the left. 

Master bedroom and a sneak peek of the hardwoods. These will eventually be stained to match our floors downstairs. 

Master bath! His and hers closets on the left. Our vanities will be directly across from the closets. That room with the window will house my free-standing tub. I cannot flipping wait to see it!

We're not quite sure on the move-in date, but fingers crossed it's less than 6 weeks. From now on, all of the fun stuff should start to happen. We're working on tile as we speak and hardwoods have already started going in, too. We're doing hardwoods throughout, just like our downstairs, and I'm looking forward to seeing them completed. Stay tuned for more updates! I'm sure there will be more soon. 

If you want to see where we started, check out my first few posts here and here



  1. Oh my gosh!! How exciting for you and wow! I can't wait to see the finished product! It looks amazing so far!!

  2. Congrats!! Feel you on the renovation process not being for the faint of heart. Took us about 4 months to even get a permit with the holidays in there slowing us down.


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