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16 November 2016

Staying Cozy

We're finally dipping into cooler temperatures around here: breezy evenings and cold mornings are here, y'all...and I kind of love it. When we hit this point in the year, I start pulling out all of my coziest items. My favorite oversized quilt to layer on my bed. My go-to college Phi Mu sweatshirt that my husband has begged me repeatedly to give to Goodwill (NEVER!!!!). My long-pant pjs. My old as dirt Uggs that I just can't seem to let go. They all come out of hibernation. 

Of course, layering up my morning wardrobe is just part of staying cozy. Another huge part? Cozying up my home. This will be especially true before I bust out holiday decor as well as long after it's gone. To help me get started, PB Teen kindly sent over one of their fur throws from their Junk Gypsy collection. Have y'all met the Junk Gypsies? These ladies are two junking (antiquing) sisters who have created a business out of their signature gypsy style, and they even wrote a book. Now, PB Teen has partnered with the Gypsies (better known as Amie and Jolie Sikes) for their very own line that speaks to the wanderer and dreamer within every teenage girl. 

I'd be lying if I said that this collection didn't speak to me just a tad. I might not be a gypsy spirit now, but I definitely had this streak growing up. It's part of what helped me take a risk and go to college separately from all of my friends. Honestly it might be that same streak that helped me move on from teaching and start my own business. Either way, the collection is certainly something worth noting. 

As you cozy up your own home, add wintery textures like faux fur and leather, incorporate patterns like fair isle and plaid, and swap your pastels for metallics and jewel tones. One tip? Add coziness that already works with what you have; no need to reinvent the wheel. Use your sofa as a base and swap your pillows and blankets, then add your holiday decor to that. The result will be the perfect winter-inspired home for the season. 


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