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05 October 2016

Why Westside Provisions Rocks my Socks

If you've been around my blog in recent history, you pretty much know how deep my love for Westside Provisions runs. Not only does it house some of my favorite restaurants like Bacchanalia and Taqueria del Sol, but also happens to be the location of my wedding. I've been hanging out over in Westside Provisions before it was cool. In fact, I think I first went to Taqueria del Sol there while I was still in college...circa 2006. It was definitely before any of the fun places across the bridge existed. Essentially, it's one of the OG cool spots in Atlanta, and I like to think I'm one of its OG visitors. And that's exactly why when I was asked to takeover the Westside Provisions Instagram account, I jumped at the chance. 

A few weeks ago, I meet-up with my friend and photographer, Amber Corbi, and we explored everything that Westside Provisions has to offer. In photo form, here are the five reasons why Westside Provisions rocks my socks:

1. They've got some pretty awesome spots for photos. Okay fine, this might only apply to bloggers or Instagram aficionados, but if you need a cool wall to lean on or pose with your Jeni's ice cream near, WSPD has you covered. 

2. The croissants at Star Provisions can't be beat. They're flakey. They're buttery. They're perfect. 

3. Le Jardin Francais is basically a trip to Paris without leaving Atlanta. The ladies at this adorable flower shop offer guests an opportunity to hand select stems for bouquets and centerpieces. They also offer floral arranging classes and often do so paired with wine from Perrine's (more on them in a sec). 

4. Preserving Place's Mama's Strawberry Jam is quite literally the jam. My friend and fellow jam-lover, Erin insists that this jam is fantastic on a southern biscuit, but is also surprisingly delightful over vanilla bean ice cream. Two scoops, please!

5. Maddie the wine-loving dog. Maddie captured my heart at Perrine's, and I'm sure she'll capture yours too. Don't miss Perrine's mascot roaming around the store keeping a watchful eye on the wine bounty...and perhaps napping in the corner from time to time.

Photos via Amber Corbi


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