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21 October 2016

TRNKshop: Curating Next Season's Closet Today

I don't know about you guys, but I really really dislike being the last to know about something. In fact, I would venture to say that I hate it. I'm a type-A, planner, so not being in-the-know really cramps my style. Whether I'm the last to know about an event (i.e. no surprise parties, please), or the last to know about a trend, it's just not my jam. Sign me up for previews and first looks, please! And that's exactly why I am so pumped about TRNKshop, a company who's mission is to bring stylish women the latest in fashion before anyone else gets their hands on them. 

Founded just this year, TRNKshop is already making waves in the style scene. TRNKshop allows you to be the first to shop next season's collections today. That means that while your favorite boutiques are sending their buyers to the Mart, you're able to reserve and preorder what you want to wear next season at the same time they are! Essentially, you're deciding what you want out of a collection instead of letting a store decide for you. GENIUS!

Preordering next season's styles is just one facet of TRNKshop. The site also prides itself on bringing you new-to-you brands and cutting out the middle man. You're able to shop brands that might not even be a blimp on your friends' radars. Look at you, trendsetter! 

TRNKshop is already filling their online store with next season's looks along with this season's styles. You can preorder resort and spring items by shopping TRNKshop's trunkshows, or you can get instant gratification by picking-up current offerings. These earrings are some of my new favorites, and I can't get enough of these anoraks; they're the perfect weight for cooler weather in Atlanta. Add both to your cart now! Trust me. 

Thanks so much to TRNKshop for inviting me to their resort and spring preview event with Crosby by Mollie Burch a few weeks ago. It was a blast to hang-out with fellow bloggers and all of the ladies of the Reeves and Company showroom and TRNKshop. I am so glad to continue shopping ahead of the curve with TRNKshop! 

While I received gifts in exchange for this post, all opinions are my own. 

Photography by Paige Molina Photography


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