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10 June 2016

Prepping Your Guest Room

With the dawn of summer comes the dawn of summer guests. Even though our house is small (but mighty!), we're lucky to have space for family and friends to stay when they visit. Because our guest room houses my closet and my overflow drawer items, it's important that the space feels like an inviting, comfortable place for guests as well as functional space for me. Over the years, I've dramatically changed this room, one little item at a time to make it light and airy while remaining sweet and cozy. 

If your guest room has to be a space for you as well as your guests, I wanted to offer a few tips to get it in tip top shape. As you prep for your own guests this summer, keep these things in mind:

Bedding will make or break a guest's stay. Seriously. I would be lying if I said that I had considered this before. If I am being totally honest, I only recently decided it was time for our guest room to have some great sheets. Before just a few weeks ago, our guests cozied up under big box sheets, and while cute, these aren't exactly the most comfy. Perfect Linens saved the day with their Second Skin sheets. These 400 thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets are airy without clinging. And can we talk about the gorgeous embroidery? I chose Fern Green to match some of the other elements in our guest room, but I'm eying some of Perfect Linens' other color ways for my own these scallops? Yes, please! What I love about Perfect Linens is that they are the sheet experts - they're the only website that sells only sheets, and there is research behind their brand including objective tests and fabric analysis. Talk about commitment to quality! And guys, they're incredibly soft. I can't wait to hear my guests' rave reviews! 

Note: Perfect Linens is offering 15% off of any of their sheets! Use the code PolkaDots15. 

Make room in the closet. Okay, so maybe you don't use your closet for overflow clothing like me, but I would bet that you use it for some sort of storage. Be courteous and make room in the closet for your guests to hang their clothes. Another great touch? Leave a few empty hangers front and center. It screams "use me!" 

Add the finishing touches. I wish I had my act together enough to put together a fantastic welcome tray full of flowers, snacks, and other essentials, but since I don't,  I have to improvise. I do like to add a little something special before guests arrive. This Diptyque candle was gifted to me (real blogger status), and I love the scent and how it looks on the night stand - which doubles as a trunk for storage. I'll leave a cute box of matches, too. Add an extra blanket and pillow along with towels, so guests have everything they need for a great night's rest. 

What are your guest room prep tips?

This post is in partnership with Perfect Linens. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Love that bedding – totally agree that it's an important factor!

    xo, Annie


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