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15 June 2016

Why you Always need a Reliable Jeweler

One of the things that I learned from the women in my family years ago is that a reliable jeweler is just as important as a reliable handy man. Growing up, I have fond memories of taking all of our family heirloom jewelry to be cleaned or repaired on a regular basis. I would stare longingly into the glass before me: peeking into a window of a world full of diamonds, gems, and metals. As I got older, I maintained an appreciation for having a fantastic jeweler: someone who not only knew how to repair jewelry, but someone who knew everything about the industry like the back of their hand. Experts. 

I must admit that after I got engaged and later, married, I pretty much put nice jewelry on the back burner of priorities. However, I truly think that a gal should always have a wish list of baubles handy (you never know when someone might like to treat you), and should always have a reliable jeweler on hand, too (remember: it's as important as a great handy man!). Here's why:

1. Your baubles are going to need repairs from time to time. I learned from a lovely associate at D.Geller and Son that I shouldn't be sleeping in my wedding set. Although it makes it a lot easier to make sure it gets out of the house in case of a fire (the things I think about...), she said that the friction from sleeping might make the prongs come loose. A loose diamond is never good, but if something does happen, a repair is only a quick stop away.

2. If you're recently engaged, you're going to need that ring appraised. Ladies, make sure you insure your fine jewelry. D.Geller offers lifetime appraisals on all jewelry purchased at their stores. Easy peasy.

3. A lady needs a wish list. Like I mentioned before, it's always good to have a wish list of jewelry you might want. For one thing, you can send your significant other straight to the list when birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas rolls around. For another, a wish list can help you define your personal style and help you define what pieces you want to add to your collection over time. Get a diamond education from D.Geller and start that wish list!

If you're in Atlanta and are in the market, I encourage you to check-out D.Geller and Son for your go-to jeweler. D.Geller and Son has been an Atlanta jeweler since 1939! Not only do they have the largest selection of diamonds, wedding bands, and fine jewelry, but they are well known for having the best value, too. They have fantastic customer service, and their associates know their stuff. When speaking with them, you'll be blown away with their knowledge about the pieces in their store and beyond. 

Right now, D.Geller is hosting an incredible Tacori event that you have to see to believe. Tacori has some of the most fantastic engagement rings and fine fashion jewelry that I've seen. I mean, did you check out these earrings? LOVE at first sight, y'all! Head to D.Geller and Son and shop their Tacori event going on now...or send your guy instead :) 


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