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24 February 2016

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party for Grown-Ups

This past weekend, I joined eleven other ladies for a fantastic bachelorette weekend in Highlands, NC. The bride (my future sister in law!) requested a low key weekend where she could hang out with all of her friends, relax, and have a great time. If I do say so myself, this weekend hit the mark and more! 

One of the things we all talked about as a group was how drastically different bachelorette weekends are when you're in your early 20s versus your late 20s and early 30s. No one needed a "hangover kit," there weren't any obscene objects carried around to multiple bars, and we didn't have anyone parading around in a veil. Of course, if that's the party you want, by all means, you do you! But those in our group pretty much agreed that this weekend together was exactly what the wedding doctor ordered. 

So how do you plan a bachelorette party for grown-ups? Below are the steps that we took, and please share with me your own tips in the comments! 

Create a Spreadsheet

I am sure any of this weekend's bachelorette ladies are probably a little tired of hearing about our trip's spreadsheet, but it really ended up being a huge help! I used Google Docs to create a spreadsheet to keep us organized. You can make a copy of it here. We referenced the spreadsheet throughout the planning stages as well as during the weekend. Since it was a true team effort to plan the weekend, having a spreadsheet allowed everyone to be involved and feel a part of the plans! 

Expect the Unexpected 

With a group of twelve, you have to take things in stride, and you should plan for a few things not to go as planned. Build in a little cushion just in case anyone has to back-out last minute. I made sure I factored in (up front) the possibility that one person wasn't going to make it on the trip. That way, I didn't have to go back and ask everyone for more money. Had no one cancelled, I would have used that money to take care of the bride's needs, but since someone did, it was already handled! We also had a last minute change of venues and ended up in a completely different cabin in a completely different part of town. No sweat! 

Plan a Mix of Group and Individual Activities

One of the things that made this trip so successful was that there were a mix of individual and group activities. We hiked as a group and ate as a group, but there was ample free time for shopping individually or enjoying the spa individually, too. Giving everyone some space was a key to everyone having a great time! 


Build in some time to relax on the trip - whether that's having a casual lingerie shower & dessert bar at home after dinner, enjoying a leisurely day at an area spa, or just sleeping in, build in time to relax. This will set the tone for the trip and really encourage everyone to enjoy the weekend. We had several new moms and moms to be on our trip, and I wanted to make sure they enjoyed their time just as much as the bride. After all, it's not often that a mama gets time to herself with her girlfriends! 

Add Extra Details

I am a details person; I love little things that make a big difference. Bouquets of flowers on the tables, candles scattered around, special weekend decor, and welcome bags really kick things up a notch. I'll be sharing more about the little details later this week, so stay tuned. But if you're planning a bachelorette party for grown-ups on your own, start thinking about those small details that will make the weekend extra special. 


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