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17 February 2016

Blog Conferences and Workshops: What to Bring

One of the things that I definitely stressed about when I was preparing for Alt was what to bring with me. I knew I would only be gone for just a few days, so I needed to edit my wardrobe and keep my extras to a minimum. Plus, I had heard through the grapevine that there would be some really great swag that I needed to get home, too. Being selective about packing was key! And for this over packer, it was a bit of a struggle. I managed to truly pack only what I needed for clothes, but my tote bag was a bit of a different story, and next time, I'll do some things differently. 

There are tons of blog conferences and workshops coming up in 2016, and they all sound amazing. Be prepared for them with my list of what to bring:

1. Business cards: Definitely don't leave home without these! I had new blog-specific business cards made for Alt at, and I love how they turned out. I included a few of my favorite blog images that encompassed not only my personality, but my blog's personality, too. Moo has a ton of options, and they all look incredibly professional. Plus their quick turn-around can't be beat!

2. A great pen: I know this seems silly, but make sure you have a great pen (or three!) with you. Try to make it ball-point or permanent, so it doesn't smear on surfaces. I found myself writing things down a lot at the conference (obviously), but also writing on some not so traditional surfaces (like business cards of other bloggers or sponsors who I needed to remember). 

3. Small tote bag: Okay, so this is one I need to improve upon. I ADORE my Lo & Sons OG bag because of all of the pockets it has, but it's way too big for fitting discretely under chairs. Plus, it's a little to big when packing into crowded rooms and events. Pack a small bag that fits on the necessities. 

4. Bottle for water: Conferences always have pretty pitchers and glasses for water, but those aren't portable. Pack your own refillable water bottle to be able to refill throughout the day as needed. You'll be chatting it up and will definitely be parched, so be prepared!

5. Spiral notebook: Spiral notebooks are best for blog conferences because they don't take up a lot of space on a table. I love the way that bound books look, but a spiral is definitely the way to go for a conference - you'll be able to remove pages if needed and the compact size is ideal for writing. 

Are there any blog conference and workshop necessities that I'm missing? Do tell! 


What conferences do I need to know about in 2016?! 

This post has a sponsored element, but all opinions are my own.


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