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04 January 2016

Favorite Healthy Finds from Across the Web

Happy 2016 everyone! I cannot believe it's already time for a new year. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season sipping cocktails, eating great food, spending time with loved ones, and above all, relaxing. 

As always, a new year means health and fitness is on everyone's mind. While some people roll their eyes at things like resolutions, I happen to think the focus on improving your health is a good thing. In fact, for me personally, I just want to be nicer to my body after all of those yummy sugary foods and beverages from December. Who ever said that was a bad thing? 

Over the past week or so, I've been scouring the web looking for my favorite healthy finds. In today's post, I've rounded up a few of my top health-related sites for you. Take a look:

Best Healthy Eating Sites:

SkinnyTaste - Gina has been my go-to for yummy recipes for years. I'm certain you've seen her pins all over Pinterest, and I have never had a Gina meal that I didn't love. Usually, at least two or three of our meals each week are SkinnyTaste recipes...they're that good!

The Wholesome Bowl - If you haven't seen Amalia's beautiful Instagram, stop what you're doing and follow her. Not only are her creations gorgeous, but they look delicious, too. I've tried a few of her bowl recipes, and I am looking forward to adding more to my arsenal. 

Against All Grain - Danielle is the paleo queen, and while we don't stick to a paleo diet, I love trying paleo recipes. Danielle has many many cookbooks under her belt and a bevy of recipes on her blog. And let's talk about this marshmallow s'more tart she recently posted. Don't mind if I healthily do...

Best Juicing Plan:

Annette Joseph Style - Annette Joseph is a lifestyle expert, cooking extraordinaire, teacher, photo stylist and more. Every January she does a 21 day juice cleanse which she refers to as Juice January. Even though her program started on January 1st, you can still incorporate juices into your daily routine! Check out her site for great recipes. 

Simple Green Smoothies - The Simple Green Smoothie girls are some of my favorite people to follow in Instagram. Their smoothies are DELICIOUS and their feed is beautiful. They just kicked-off their 30 day challenge to incorporate 1 green smoothie per day into your diet. It's a totally do-able feat especially given that they post so many of their recipes on their Instagram

Best Inspirational Podcast:

One Part Podcast - I've talked about how much I love Jessica Murnane's One Part Podcast before, so just trust me on this one and subscribe. Jessica interviews some fascinating people (both inside and outside of the blogger/foodie world). The one thing that she always does is have each guest end with a plant-based recipe they want to try! 

Best Online Snacks:

2 Moms in the Raw - Thanks to One Part Podcast, I recently discovered 2 Moms in the Raw. Their granola bars and other snacks are supposed to be incredible (hello chocolate truffles), and I can't wait to scoop some up at my local Whole Foods.  

Perfect Fit Protein - Brought to us by the Tone It Up ladies, Perfect Fit Protein is supposedly some of the healthiest and tastiest proteins around. I ordered some last weekend, and I'll be sure to let you know how it is ASAP! (P.S. it's on sale!) 

Of course, if you need even more inspiration, be sure to follow my Healthy Eating & Motivational Pinterest boards. Lots to see there!  I got a JawboneUp3 for Christmas, and I can actually say that it's helping me be more motivated (yesterday's devotion to Netflix aside). What is helping you stay on top of your game? And if you have other healthy sites you love, please let me know about them in the comments! 


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