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11 January 2016

2016 Word of the Year

A few years ago, my blogging friend Mandy, started a tradition for her new years resolutions. Instead of listing several resolutions, she committed to having a word to guide her throughout the year (you can read her most recent post about it here). At first, this idea seemed way too broad for me. I thought I needed specifics that I could hold myself accountable for. But then, after some reflection, I thought about how much easier it would be if I just had one word to manage and to take into consideration as I entered a new year. 

While I am doing somewhat of a combination of specifics and generalizations, I've decided to use one word to guide my year, and therefore, guide my new years resolutions. Like Mandy, I made a list of words that I felt like matched what I was going for: I wanted to spend more time reflecting, pare down my commitments, try to be more positive when my first thoughts are usually negative, and of course, lose a little weight. After looking over my list, I decided that I wanted a word that was active, not passive; a verb that encouraged me to think before my word for 2016 is: consider. 

Consider reaching for the fruit over the cookie.

Consider donating some of my vast book collection to Goodwill (or even a charity). 

Consider volunteering some of my time. 

Consider saying no to that event. 

Consider making smarter wardrobe purchases. 

I was amazed how "consider" really represented everything I wanted to try to do in 2016. So far, I've used the word a ton to guide my decisions. I think this will be a great way for me to stick to my resolutions! 

Do you do traditional resolutions or choose a guiding word? Both? Would love to hear! 


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