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23 December 2015


If there is one thing that I love coming home to, it's a freshly cleaned home. Unfortunately, between holiday parties every night of the week, work, and other obligations, cleaning has been pushed to the wayside. Oops.

A few weeks ago, I volunteered to host my family for an early Christmas dinner. Knowing that we were going to have a full house and I needed to prepare a full meal, I needed to save some time and relinquish some cleaning control. Enter WellKept, Atlanta's newest cleaning service.

With WellKept, you can book a la carte cleanings for an entire home or even single room with just the click of your mouse. All bookings are done online which makes the process such a breeze; the convenience factor simply cannot be beat. Plus, you're able to choose exactly what you want cleaned in your home without any hidden fees or unsuspecting additions. 

When WellKept reached out to me asking if I would like my home cleaned, I jumped at the opportunity. Have my home ready for company without lifting a finger? Sign me right up! I loved the ease of booking and was even able to change my cleaning time without any penalty. I appreciated the customer service that I got with WellKept, too. And the beautifully cleaned home? On point. 

One of my favorite aspects of WellKept is the ability to add custom extras to the cleaning. Extras cover a variety of those less than desirable cleaning tasks (aka. the inside of the refrigerator), and at just $15 per service, I'll be adding an extra to each and every cleaning in the future. 

If you're having company over for the holidays, plan to book a cleaning through WellKept. They'll make your home sparkle before or after company - or perhaps both? 


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