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20 November 2015

Holiday Cards for Clients

This year, I have another set of people to be thankful for during the holidays: my clients and business friends. It has been such a joy starting my own business and gaining new clients friends. This holiday season, I am planning to send each of my clients a holiday card from Hallmark to show how much I appreciate them and their trust in me. 

When I was in college, I worked as an admin assistant at my dad's office and saw tons of holiday gifts come and go to his office. Little tokens of appreciation - chocolates, fruit, gifts, etc. But what I personally loved the most was opening Christmas cards from fellow companies. Even if those cards weren't really "signed," it was the concept of taking a moment to send someone a piece of mail. In a world where email is the main form of correspondence, I love the idea of sitting down and signing a card to send to clients and business partners. 

This year, I am using holiday cards from Hallmark. Their wide selection made choosing fun. I picked up several different boxes before deciding on the brightly colored (sequined!) card. The box came with envelopes & the cheery associate gave me gold crown stickers to apply to each envelope, making it easy to sign each one and pop them in the mail without leaving that unsatisfactory envelope taste in my mouth. 

I'm looking forward to sending a little bit of cheer to my clients this year with the help of Hallmark.


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