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04 November 2015

Farm Style

So while the term "farm life" may be stretching it just a tad, our trip to Serenbe allowed me to dabble in farm & fall attire. The air was crisp and the sun along with my new coat, provided just enough warmth. Dressing in layers allowed me to adjust to each of our farm activities: whether we were swinging on the wooden swings, shooting hoops, getting lost in the labyrinth, or meandering the grounds. 

I also made sure to go with my other rustic accessories like tall boots and my Jord watch. I am obsessed with my Jord watch. Seriously. First of all, I decided to get a men's watch instead of a women's one. I chose the Dover style because loved that it showcased the inner-workings of the watch face. You can see the dials and pieces that make the watch tick (no pun intended), and I am mesmerized by them. I also loved how large the face of the watch is; it truly makes the watch a boyfriend style. The watch fit in perfectly among the terrain and grounds of the farm.

JORD Wooden Watches

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