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21 October 2015

DIY Makeup Cleansing Towels

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Last week, Viva® Vantage® invited me to partner with them and participate in a 7-Day Switch Up, ditching my tried and true paper towels for theirs. As someone who is definitely a creature of habit, I decided to take charge of my old ways and try something new. In other words,  switch up challenge accepted! By using Viva® Vantage® towels, I was able to make some subtle changes in the kitchen and around the house that really made a huge difference. For one, did you know that you can place a damp paper towel under a cutting board to keep it from sliding? How about placing that same damp paper towel around a bottle of white wine, tossing it (gingerly) in the freezer for a few minutes and ending up with chilled wine? Genius switches!

But enough about the kitchen; I was curious as to how Viva® Vantage® towels would fare in other walks of life. As I've shared with you before, I am terrible when it comes to makeup removal; it really is an issue.  I am almost out of my usual cleanser and since I'm trying to make it last, I am saving it just for morning cleansing. In the meantime, I have been a major slacker with taking off my makeup at night. It's just so time consuming, and I am way too lazy. I have seen a few DIY recipes for creating your own make-up cleansing towels, and when I saw the stretchy-strength and great scrubbing power of Viva® Vantage®, I decided now was my chance! After all, who says paper towels are just for the kitchen?!

These DIY towels are super easy to make, and you can probably use items that you already have around the house, including your Viva® Vantage® paper towels. Just make sure that you're using the right ratio of ingredients.

You will need:

- 5 Viva® Vantage® paper towels
- 1 small air-tight container (I used a canning jar)
- 1 cup of water
- 2 tablespoons coconut oil
- 2 tablespoons tear-free soap
- 5-8 drops of lemon essential oil

To prepare:

Begin by bringing 1 cup of water to a boil in a small saucepan. Once boiling, add the coconut oil, soap, and essential oils and stir. Remove from heat to cool.

While liquid mixture cools, fold your Viva® Vantage® towels in half and in half again creating a square. Use a round object slightly smaller than your jar to trace 3 circles on the folded towel. Cut each circle out (this will yield roughly 12 circles per towel).

Add your liquid to your air-tight container, filling it 1/2 of the way. Stack your cleansing pads (towel circles) into the liquid. Because of Viva® Vantage® sponge-like absorbency, the liquid will absorb into the towels quickly. Continue stacking towels until you cannot fit anymore in the jar. Top with some of the remaining liquid (if needed) until all towels are wet. That's it!

Just to make sure these worked, I prepared a faux eye on my hand. There is a layer of primer, 2 layers of eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara on my hand. It wiped away in just a few seconds and left my hand smelling delightful! Not to mention the revolutionary V-Flex™ Weave was soft on my skin. Using them 1-2 times daily, these should last you about 2 weeks (but be sure to dispose of them if they get moldy). 

Curious about taking your own Viva® Vantage® 7-Day Switch Up? Visit their website for a Viva® Vantage® coupon to purchase and try the product yourself!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Viva® Vantage®

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  1. What a clever idea, and great idea for gift giving! Pinning!


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