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09 September 2015

Establishing a Skincare Routine

One of my claims to fame is that for years I never washed my face. No, really. For every year of my life, I wore makeup every day, never took it off at night, did a quick soap rinse in the shower the next day, and reapplied that makeup. I'm going to be super transparent, too: sometimes, I didn't get all of the makeup off and instead of cleansing again, just applied on top of what was left. The shame! The horror! The disgusting habits! I know, I know, that's really bad. I was blessed with good skin, and never had a bout with acne. I definitely cannot complain there. Sorry not sorry?

But as I grew older, I began to see that my skin was changing. Not really acne per se, but definitely redness and dryness that I would struggle to rid myself of. No matter how much moisturizer I used, my t-zone would be dry and irritated. Not pretty. Then, a few months ago, I had the opportunity to give EVER a try. EVER is a clinical grade, botanically derived skincare line founded by the same CEO as Stella & Dot. She's hired the former head of Research and Development for Perricone MD, as well as a Harvard trained, board certified dermatologist, who have both personal and clinical experience with skin cancer, respectively. Ever is different than other skincare lines because of their breakthrough formula, LSR10. LSR10 is comprised of ingredients specifically designed to reduce redness, lines and wrinkles, dehydration and more. The secret ingredient? Magnolias! 

While the line has many products covering a range of skincare needs, it's their regimen that is truly building a name for the brand. The 5-step regimen is catered to your skin and needs. Mine consisted of Luminous cleansing balm, Reveal biometric peel pads, Youthful face and eye serum, Daylight tinted moisturizer, and Hydralift moisturizer. Each of the products is used in a specific combination both morning and night while allowing you a little flexibility in how you use the product. For me, I found that using the Hydralift both morning and night gave me the best results for those dry skin problems I mentioned earlier, while using the peel pads provided great exfoliation every other day. 

EVER asks that you commit to the products for 30-45 days, and if you aren't totally satisfied, you can get your money back. I decided to give these products the best try I could, so I committed to using them every day and every night for the full 45 days. For someone with a no-washing record like mine, this was definitely a challenge, but I found the new skincare routine comforting and an easy addition to my schedule. Each bottle explains very precisely how and when to use the product; they even specifically say which step to use them for. For example, Luminous very clearly says "Step 1 AM + PM." I love that because it made it so much easier to work the products into my routine. 

So, if you recall, my initial daily routine was non-existent. Now it looks a little something like this: 


Step 1: Take a shower as usual (no face washing in the shower!). 
Step 2: Apply Luminous and wipe with a luke-warm rag. This stuff is awesome because it takes off all of the gunk in one fail swoop! 
Step 3: Apply Youthful, pressing around my cheeks and eyes. 
Step 4: Apply Hydralift, generously all over face. 
Step 5: Finish with Daylight tinted moisturize...which I've even worn as my ONLY foundation/concealer from time to time! 


Step 1: Apply Luminous. 
Step 2: Swipe Biometric Peel Pad (every other day). 
Step 3: Apply Youthful. 
Step 4: Apply Hydralift. 

Total, each routine takes me less than 5 minutes, and I've had a noticeable change in my skin. I always feel as though my skin looks incredibly clean and dewey after applying the regimen. It becomes the perfect platform for applying makeup or the cleanest way to end my day. Plus, my routine has been totally changed, and I feel like I'm finally understanding just how important skincare is to over all health. This book helped me realize that, too. 

Get started with EVER today and transform your routine (and hopefully, skin too!).

Although this post was a brand collaboration, all opinions & habits are my own. 


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  1. This sounds AMAZING! Def need to give it a try. Can't resist a new exciting beauty brand!

    Meg and Kelly | Peachtree Roadies


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