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01 July 2015

How to dress for barre

I'm ashamed to say that after reaching my 100 classes at Pure Barre back in the fall, I have been a barre slacker. Granted, I kept going to my favorite classes at Pure Barre throughout the fall and winter, but come spring, I hit a major wall. I was busy busy busy, and while I know that's not an excuse, I found myself stepping away from the whole workout thing for a while. So when I started back on a regimen a few weeks ago, let's just say it wasn't exactly easy. I am definitely not able to plank as long as I used to, my flexibility has waned, and my stamina is just sad. But, that's not stopping me from getting back to it! Slowly, but surely, I've been adding barre back into my routine, and I feel better already. 

I will say that while I abandoned the barre for a time, there are some things that never change about attending class, and one of those things is what to wear. Let's discuss a few key things to know about how to dress for barre class: 

1. You wear socks. Always. No ifs, ands, or buts. Yogis, I know that socks aren't a part of yoga, but they are very much a part of barre. They help you grip the floor, and in classes like the one I took at Exhale, they help you grip the barre itself. 

2. Leggings or capris are a requirement. It's not that you can't wear shorts, but you really just shouldn't. For one thing, leggings help keep your muscles warm, and for another, shorts are just a little too revealing for barre, you know? I love a classic black legging, but every now and then, I like to step up my legging game with a colorful pair. These leggings from RBX (c/o) are in a fun neon and gray pattern. Pairing them with a black tank and cheeky sweatshirt makes for an easy barre look. Bonus: you can take this look straight to your daily errands. Love me some athleisure wear. 

3. Tanks are a must to help you move freely. I love wearing tank tops to barre classes. They keep me cool and help me move without restraint during class. You can't go wrong with classic black or another dark color (hide that sweat, ladies!).

And good news! RBX is offering 25% off their latest collection now through July 31st. Simply use the code: Active25. Plus, spend $50 and you'll get free shipping, too! 

Special thanks to Exhale Avalon for a wonderful media event in which I was reminded just how powerful barre can be, and for treating us to fantastic blowouts from Drybar after! And thanks to RBX for supplying me with these leggings for review.


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  1. Its funny how difficult it can be to pick out Barre appropriate clothing! Thanks for introducing me to my favorite workout Nicole! :)




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