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06 March 2015

Rocks Box

Eek! It finally arrived so that I can share it with you. What you ask? Rocks Box! I just know this little subscription box is going to be one of your favorites much like it is mine. Without further adieu, let me give you my full Rocks Box review. 

So here's how it works:

Fun and easy, right? 

To me the best part of Rocks Box is that you get to try as many pieces as you want each month (3 at a time, of course). Want to send a shipment back after a few days? No problem. Have an event coming up that you need fancy jewelry for? Let them know! Because it's essentially a rental service, you don't have to make a purchase, but I can guarantee that you'll want to, especially with that $10 worth of shine spend.

I have to say that I just got my box a few days ago, and I am already planning outfits around each and every item.  I adore all three pieces, and the price range is on point, too. Each item ranges between $25-$65, but as an Insider, I get an automatic discount plus my $10 worth of shine. Lucky for me because I've fallen quickly in love with a pair of statement earrings that I am pretty sure I'll have to keep this month. They're $20 with my Insider status, but minus the $10 shine spend, they'll only be $10. Score! 

Want to become an Insider and try Rocks Box yourself without the financial commitment? Use the code probablypolkadotsxoxo to get your first month absolutely free. This includes $10 worth of shine spend, so you're actually getting PAID to try it! Go ahead, treat yourself to Rocks Box courtesy of Probably Polka Dots and let me know how it works out for you!

Anyone out there love their Rocks Box like me? Details, please!


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