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23 January 2015

Estate Sales Like You've Never Shopped Them Before: Everything But the House

If you take a look at my about page, you'll notice that one of my absolute favorite things to do is take a trip to my local antique shop. For one, I am always scouring for vintage milk glass, neat pieces of art, and of course, sterling silver (in Buttercup). I have a few favorite haunts like Scott Antique Market and My Favorite Place, and I adore wandering up and down the booth alleys hoping to scoop up something wonderful. 

I have to say, though, that while I love these little antiquing adventures, sometimes I just don't have the time or the energy to devote to an all day affair, and I've always wished there was an easier way to find what I'm looking for. And wouldn't you know that now there is! 

I am thrilled to present to you Everything But the House! is an online estate sale shopper's dream (aka me). The site is carefully curated to connect buyers to estate sales across the country. Do you know what that means? Your world of antiquing just got a whole lot bigger! EBTH has 45-50 sales per month, shipping and delivery options, and items for just about everyone. But, I've saved the best part for last: all items start at just $1, and there's no hassle of those last minute snipers swooping in and stealing your beloved item because Everything But the House doesn't allow it! All last minute bids add additional time to the clock to give everyone a fair shot. 

Shopping EBTH is easy.  You can shop by sale, category, or item. The site is organized brilliantly, but let me tell you, you can get lost in all of the amazing things to be found.  I've rounded up a few of my favorite items that are currently on sale, but if you see something you like, act fast because sales only last for 7 days. The sales on the items above end on Monday & Tuesday of next week. #treatyourself

I received compensation for this post from EBTH, but I think this brand and concept are fabulous. Thanks for supporting companies and partnerships that make PPD possible!



  1. This sit sounds amazing! I just don't have the time to peruse all the shops and sales around town, so an online option is just perfect! LOVE your pics too - what taste :)

    --Kelly & Meg
    Peachtree Roadies

    1. Thanks, friends! Online options are just wonderful for when you can't quite drag yourself to the antique stores. I am loving that there are more and more options like this popping up! EBTH is definitely my favorite, though!


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