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12 January 2015

A Fabulous Alternative to Sold Out Planners

If you're a bit of a procrastinator like me, you waited a wee bit too long before nabbing your Emily Ley or Whitney English planner. I've been stalking their surprise sales on Instagram as well as literally every one of their retailers, but with no luck. Now, I could spend upwards of $100 on eBay for a EL planner, but I don't have that kind of cash. Just sayin'.

Yesterday I spent some time researching alternative planners that would fit the bill of cuteness and functionality, and I came across Plum Paper planners. First, let's talk about the fact that a Plum Planner is only $31. Yep. Another benefit of this planner is that it's completely customizable. Want it in a different color? No problem. Prefer a different layout for the weeks? Easy fix. And for each of these customizations, there's no additional charge! Say what?!

The only downside that I can see is that production takes 3-4 weeks. But who cares? I've waited this long, right? Of course I adored my Emily Ley planner last year, but I am stoked to give Plum Planner a try for 2015. And no, this isn't a sponsored post. I just wanted to pass on this awesome brand! 

So tell me: Do you have a planner? Which brand are you using for 2015? Spill!



  1. Seriously- why are they always like 50$ and sold out? It's so hard to find a good planner. Thanks for sharing this one!

    1. I know! And honestly, I don't need to buy a planner in August because then it takes up unnecessary room in my house. I'm loving this alternative :)

  2. A good planner will make ALL the difference when you're OCD like me! I am a visual learner so I need to write everything down so my agenda is my whole life. Gigi NY also has some gorgeous planners! I think its who I'm going to try out next year. I have the Day Planner now and after 1 week of using it (not even a week) it has a huge scratch on it :( Not too happy about the quality...

    Great post my dear! Xoxo


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