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03 September 2014

Renee Bouchon Art

Vibrant colors, airy designs, and breathtakingly beautiful canvases are the essence of Renee Bouchon's artwork. But her work doesn't just capture color; it evokes memories and represents a passion beyond the brushstrokes on a canvas. With an eye for the abstract and a knack for balancing hue, this up-and-coming Atlanta artist (and one of my sweet friends!) is ready to take on the art scene one original painting at a time. 

Renee started her venture in 2010 when searching for a creative outlet from her nine to five in advertising. It wasn't long before friends and family were requesting custom pieces (you may recognize this RB original from a home tour on The Everygirl), and Renee knew it was time to give painting a real try. Fast forward to today and her recently launched site is filled to the brim with beautiful large-scale works in acrylic. Palettes range from sea foam blues and greens to punchy raspberries and tangerines, but Renee is always aware that less is more and neutrals create a well-rounded balance in her art. She explains, "I want my brand to be known as a haven for vibrant pieces of art balanced with splashes of white and neutrals." 

Get to know Renee Bouchon better below as she guides us through what it's like to be an entrepreneur, her absolute favorite art pieces to date, and her must-have future collaboration: 

Tell me a little bit about yourself. 
I grew up in New Orleans where I fell in love with all things creative. From constantly attending art camps and classes to the the eclectic and vibrant culture of the city, the whimsical ambiance evoked my love to create...and I've been doing it ever since.  I also have a passion for the coast, whether it be cruising the back alleyways of Charleston, SC or burying my feet in the white sands of Seaside, FL. Many of my color choices are inspired by life on the water.  I love vibrant tones but also like weaving in different amounts of white space while constantly balancing the two.  For me, inspiration comes in all forms and I thrive off seeing how a little snippet of creation can transform any given space.  

Describe a day in the life on an entrepreneur/artist.
Busy, busy busy!  Some day to day tasks include emailing with clients, creating color palettes for commission jobs, staying on top of the art world in general, reading blogs and design magazines, listening to music with the windows open and a paint brush in hand, monitoring my website/blog etc...

Do you ever want a brick and mortar shop? Or have your work in an art gallery?  
I would LOVE LOVE to have my art in galleries around Atlanta, Charleston, and beyond.  I'm currently speaking to a few different venues where I will hopefully be featuring some art...more to come on that!  I'm also partnering with one of my favorite photographers who is known for her airy and beautiful photos.  I'll be featuring some of my pieces in some photo shoots she will be doing in the next few months.

What's your next big thing that shoppers can expect?   
New styles and creative exploration in my paintings as more works are added to the site.  I love playing with different color combinations and patterns.

Do you have a favorite painting thus far?  
My favorite painting has to be Cotton Candy because it was created from exploring a new style of shapes and colors that I hope to evolve moving forward.

Who/what would be your ultimate collaboration? 
Anthropologie, of course!

And just for fun, what is one thing every stylish woman should have?  
A classic pair of nude patent pumps...they go with anything!

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