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25 August 2014

Traveling Tangle-free with Lori Leigh Designs

Traveling with jewelry is something that's hard to do, and I feel like I've tried every method: Ziploc® bags, individual pouches, cloth cases...essentially, if you've made it, I've tried it. But I'm happy to say that the stress of tangle-free jewelry travel is officially over with the mini chalet by Lori Leigh Designs

The traveler seen here includes everything you could possibly need in a travel jewelry case. Complete with one earring tray, one necklace pouch, room for four rings, a secret compartment for bracelets, and space for as many earrings as you can fit, this case packs a lot of punch. Plus, its size is ideal, and it's sturdy to boot. I love that with these cases, I can treat my jewelry the way it's supposed to be treated: like an investment! All I have to do is pop this little case into my gym bag, suitcase, or weekender, and I'm ready for anything on the go.

Y'all, I haven't mentioned the best part: this adorable mini travel companion is less than $20. What's not to love?! No more Ziploc® bags, no more worrying about packing beautiful baubles, & always tangle-free travel. And if you're looking for a travel case just a tad larger, look no further than Lori Leigh Designs' travel chalet. It includes room for everything seen in the mini, plus top snaps for securing rings, necklaces, or bracelets. It's equally as genius and provides a perfect solution for all of you who need even more baubles while on the road. No matter your choice, pack your bag, your travel case, and get out of town sans stress.

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Lori Leigh Designs gifted me the mini chalet & traveler seen here for this post, however I truly love it and use it often & wanted to share it with you all! Be sure to follow Lori Leigh Designs on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Instagram.



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    1. Isn't it great?! I highly highly highly recommend these cases. They are seriously perfection and incredibly useful!

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