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28 July 2014

How to Create the Perfect Housewarming Giftbasket

My BFF Lindsay became an official homeowner on Friday, and I wanted to celebrate the occasion with a little something special for her and her husband. There are tons of ideas for housewarming gifts floating around Pinterest, and I feel like I've seen them all. Using a few of those ideas as my starting point, I developed a basket of goodies for Lindsay that would give her a chance to really relax in her first hours in her new home.

To me, moving means starting over - in a good way - but having to make 400 trips to Target while you gather all of the things you need. I wanted Lindsay to be able to dive into the comforts of home quickly. So, I started by gathering a few key players: household necessities like hand soapa scented candle, & disposable fabric napkins

I also decided nothing is better after a long day of unpacking than an easy dinner: a jar of organic marinara with some colorful pasta meant cooking just a bit, but in the easiest, most fun way possible. I also added a live, fresh basil plant to breathe little life into the home, but it could also be used to jazz up the jarred pasta sauce.

Finally, nothing beats an easy breakfast. I picked up Gabrielle's biscuits and some Emily G's blueberry jam from my favorite Atlanta secret: Lucy's Market. All in all, the gift basket provided Lindsay with a few necessities, and TWO great meals. Plus, it came in at under $50. It's a win win!
What's your favorite housewarming gift to give? Tell me your secrets! 



  1. Wow, I have to keep this in mind! Great post.

    1. Definitely! It's super easy when all you have to do is tie cute bows around pre-packaged, store bought items :)


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