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23 June 2014

Monday, My Day

With a busy week ahead of me and the countdown to our annual vacation on, I truly am working for the weekend this week. In an effort to slow down and take a second to enjoy life, I am bringing you a few links that I have enjoyed here recently. Here's to starting off the week with a few good finds!

This image is such a truth for me right now, but I must say that all of the prints in this Etsy shop have me ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Gallery wall much? I'll take one of each, please.

Oh World Cup, how I have a love hate relationship with you. Soccer is one of my least favorite sports ever (sorry, friends), but I find myself getting caught up in the USA games, don't you? Major bummer last night. This website breaks down a preview of each game in an infographic - love that! Such a quick way to get what you need to know.

Hands down the most flattering swimsuit I've ever owned. May have to grab this one too by the same designer.

I've been getting more and more into the romper trend, but I think there is a delicate balance of skin revealing with them. I like the idea of adding one with sleeves to my wardrobe. This one definitely fits the bill, and I like the unexpected pattern too!

It's only been a week, and I am already having Game of Thrones withdraw. Luckily, I have videos of Jimmy Kimmel and Lena Headey insulting each other to get me through it.

Enjoy this week's reading, and I'll see you back here Wednesday!



  1. I ordered this print a couple weeks ago and anxiously waiting it's arrival;) You're right, all the Katie Daisy designs are so adorable and fun!

    1. Oh! I'd love to see/hear about what it looks like in person. I think the colors are so bold and beautiful in every print!


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