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28 April 2014

Spot On & Notable: Evelyn Henson

When you take a gander at Evelyn Henson's punchy prints and bold paintings, you can't help but smile. The 23 year-old's art is quickly making its way across the interwebs, and I am so thrilled to feature her and her youthful, colorful work here today.

Evelyn is probably best known for her map series, and was even recently featured in Jezebel magazine. She has maps for countless cities, but her imaginative art doesn't end there. In her shop you'll find sassy animals (aptly named after famous fashionstas), vibrant flowers, and gallery wall ready prints.

Want to learn more about Evelyn? Read her full interview after the jump!

Why did you decide to pursue an art business? 
I’ve always loved all things creative and started exploring painting in college. When I graduated, I didn’t have a job yet, so, with the encouragement from friends, I figured I’d start selling some of my work. Eventually, my sales started picking up enough that I took the leap to full time!

Describe your vision for your brand.
I hope to continually create vibrant art for young women looking to decorate their first homes. By seeking inspiration in fashion and lifestyle trends, the resulting art embodies modern themes with exaggerated colors, so that it’s uplifting and bright!

Tell me what a day in the life on an entrepreneuress looks like. The mornings are my favorite part of the day, so I usually wake up at 7ish and start my day with emails around 8. Some mornings are spent entirely packing and shipping orders, and other mornings I’ll start by warming up with a new painting for an hour or so. It usually depends on  how many commissions I have that month. Some days get taken up by a tech problem, site maintenance (I love learning new HTML tricks!) or errand(s), but for the most part I’m painting or illustrating. It’s hard to put the paintbrush down, so this sometimes continues into the evening.
What is one thing every stylish home should have? I’m obviously biased, but original artwork. To me, there’s something so special about a home filled art, and I love supporting other artists.

There seem to be so many gallery wall/framing rules. Besides your  framing recommendations, what are the rules you try to stick with? I prefer a variety of frames and sizes. I like to start with one larger piece (a large mirror, a painting, a vintage window, etc.) and go from there.

Why do you think art and gallery walls have gained so much popularity over the past few years?  
One word: Pinterest!
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