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02 April 2014

My Lulie Wallace Original

Before I bought my wedding dress, before I went engagement ring shopping, before I even knew what kind of flowers I wanted to carry down the aisle, I knew that when all was said and done, I would have a Lulie Wallace painting hanging in my home. And not just any Lulie Wallace painting; it would be a custom canvas of my bouquet. Call me crazy, but I may or may not have chosen a few specific flowers knowing that one day they would be transformed into art...what? That's not normal?

I thought I would have to wait years before I would be able to get a custom Lulie, but Hunter surprised me with a painting for Christmas...and I have it to share with you today! Let's start with the inspiration behind the painting. Pay attention to that big peony as well as the hydrangeas...

And now, the finished canvas: 

I love that it's just abstract enough to capture the essence of Lulie's work, but you can definitely see that it's my bouquet. It's perfection! 

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  1. I just found your blog and my husband gifted me with a Lulie original a few years ago! Love your bridal bouquet!

    I am definitely adding your precious blog to my reader list.


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