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07 April 2014

Masters Week: Pimento Cheese Round-Up

Augusta National is blossoming with spring blooms, golfers have made their way to the city, and enthusiasts have started making travel plans: it's Masters week. In the south, we equate this week with the days leading up to the Super Bowl; it's a big deal. We look forward to the Arnold Palmers, the crisp green grass, and of course, the pimento cheese year-round, and it's finally here. 

The pimento cheese at Augusta National is somewhat of a legend. First of all, it's one of only a few sandwiches to choose from at the course. Second, the balance of cheese and mayonnaise make it absolute perfection. Pair it with a cold beer, or even better, a sweet tea, and your lunch is served.

Today I have a round-up of some pretty amazing pimento cheese recipes that I've stumbled upon across the web. If you can't make it to the big tournament this year, mix-up one of these recipes to capture the spirit of the game instead. From the classic sandwich to the less traditional bacon cup, I've got your pimento cheese needs covered!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Nicole! Can't wait to eat my weight in pimento cheese this weekend :)


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