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14 April 2014

Karen Adams Designs

I cannot even explain the excitement that I have for this post today. When Karen Adams Designs contacted me to feature their designs on the blog I was elated, thrilled, and humbled all at the same time. Karen Adams wants to work with me? Little ol' me? I. am. so. in! 

If you don't know Karen Adams Designs, allow me to formally introduce you. Karen Adams Designs specializes in stationery and paper gifts, but to me, the company is more than just a simple correspondence here and there; it's about a paper lifestyle. Let me explain: Karen Adams' paper is chic and sophisticated with just a touch of lady-like elegance. Every piece of stationery sparkles...literally. There are little flecks of glitter on each piece; it's the signature mark of the brand. Not to mention that there is something for your every paper need. Looking for a baby card? KAD has you covered. What about a thank you note? Yes, they have that, too. Need a gift for the girl who has it all? Try a calendar

The brand has a lot of big things happening in May, and they were more than happy to share a few of the top secret details with me a tad before the official release. The next things we can expect from Karen Adams? A coloring book geared toward the child in each of us complete with coloring pencils to go with it. Brilliant!

Karen Adams Designs paper is a must have for the stationery & snail mail enthusiast. Treat yourself to a little something today! 

Karen Adams gifted me a few of the products seen here for this post, however I truly love their work. In fact, I already owned their calendar (seen above) before they reached out to me; a sign of a perfect partnership!  
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