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10 March 2014

Spot-On & Notable Kluster Happy Jewelry

Last week, I gave you a quick peek into the wonderful world of brilliant baubles by Kluster Happy Jewelry. After a few tweets gushing over polka dot flats, I just knew that Laura and I were destined to chat a bit more about her adorable shop and talented eye for jewelry design. Plus, Kluster Happy Jewelry just launched a ton of great new products for your viewing (and wearing!) pleasure. 

Enjoy learning more about her shop, what it's like to be an entrepreneur, and the one thing she believes every stylish woman should have below!

Why did you decide to start Kluster Happy Jewelry?   
Surprisingly, I didn't quite "decide" to start Kluster Happy Jewelry. I had been designing and creating jewelry with stones & silver since I was a teenager. It was purely a hobby, making jewelry for myself and, occasionally, for friends and family as gifts. I had sold my jewelry at a few events, but nothing major. In the fall of 2011, my mom asked me to participate in a craft show with her (she makes adorable cosmetic bags) and I agreed. The show didn't go well (I barely sold anything), so I was left with a lot beautiful jewelry that I didn't know what to do with. Friends had always suggested that I sell online, so I casually opened my first Etsy shop in October 2011. To my surprise (and glee!), the orders started coming in, and it's been a crazy journey ever since!
Tell me what a day in the life on an entrepreneur looks like.  
Well, as an entrepreneur, every day really is its own adventure. Here's my best stab at a "typical" day. First of all, let me just tell you that I do love my sleep. I make a lot of sacrifices for the biz, but sleep isn't one of them! I wake up around 7:30am and start the day with a couple cups of coffee. I dive into emails and checking social media, blog posts, etc pretty much immediately (I'm still in pajamas!). 

Katie, my awesome office assistant, arrives at the house around 9am, so I throw on "real clothes" and make a to-do list for our day. Once Katie arrives, we make the trek upstairs to my dedicated office and studio and get to work. We start the day fulfilling orders that came in the night before so we can get them in our customers' hands as quickly as possible. Our goal is to ship every order within 24-48 hours. 

Some days we're focused on PR and marketing, which means calling/emailing bloggers, magazine editors, local tv personalities, etc. I'm usually editing photos and creating images for the website and social media - this part takes WAY longer than you'd think! Other days, we're in full design mode. Since every piece of jewelry we sell is designed and made by hand right here in the studio, we spend a lot of time coming up with new stones, ordering new stones, and handcrafting all the jewels! Those days are the most fun. =) 

Katie and I usually break for a home-cooked lunch and read a bunch of magazines at the kitchen table. We've been friends for years, so we get in some good laughs about what's going on in our lives - you know, kiddos, husbands, shopping addictions, etc. Then it's back to the grind! We mail out any orders that have come in since the morning, and finish up our to-do list for the day. Katie leave around 5pm, and that's about the same time my husband gets home from work. So, I take a break to have a chat with him and make dinner at home. 

By about 7pm, I'm back on the laptop or my phone responding to more emails, checking social media, writing an e-blast or blog post, setting up an online sale, checking order statuses, etc. I usually have my best ideas in the evening, so I'm constantly putting reminders and notes in my phone so I'll actually remember to add those things to my never-ending to-do list. Then it's time to recharge my brain with some good sleep!

What's your next big thing that shoppers can expect?  
We just launched a new collection full of bright new colors and fresh designs. Our clients love seeing new, unexpected colors and collecting their new favorites from the collection. We're already working on some really pretty designs for're going to be surprised!!
What is your favorite product that you sell?  
I swear, I have a new favorite almost every day. The jewels are like children to can you truly pick a favorite? Right now, I'm obsessing over the Rockstar Necklace.

Who/what would be your ultimate collaboration?  
Kluster x J.Crew would be THE DREAM collaboration. Personally, I've been obsessed with J.Crew for many years. I think we're targeting the same shoppers, with the same tastes: women who love classic, yet colorful fashion. 

Fill in the blank: one thing every stylish woman should have is...  
A sense of who she is and what she wants. I'm fortunate to have some very stylish girlfriends, and they each have their own very distinctive sense of style and sense of self. They know what they like, and they stick to it. We're always saying to each other, "This is so Carrie. This is so Amy. This is so Leslie," because each of us have a very personal style. It's so much easier to dress yourself confidently when you fill your closet with pieces that are "so you".  
What is your favorite southern dish?  
Hands down, fried okra. I usually roast my okra when I'm cooking, but it's definitely tastier fried (of course!).
Tell me your definition of "southern hospitality."  
Here in Kentucky, nothing says southern hospitality like food. If you want to be the hostess with the mostest, you'd better make sure there's food out. In our circle of family and friends, nothing says "I'm happy you're here!" like having thoughtful snacks and drinks ready for every get together.  
Favorite cocktail? 
Red wine!
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  1. Awww, you're the best!!! Loved reading this - thank you so much! Sharing all over now... =)
    -Laura at Kluster Shop

  2. What a gorgeous smile, that can expect love from anyone.


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