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26 March 2014

Samoa Caramel Corn

Every year, Girl Scout cookies manage to get the best of my New Years promises and Lenten intentions. Just about the time these pesky treats disappear off of neighborhood street corners is when my diet is blown, and I've succumbed to cookie deliciousness. Unfortunately for next year's scouts, but lucky for me, I've discovered the perfect treat to keep my cravings at bay. Ladies, allow me to introduce you to Samoa Caramel Corn. 

I had this brilliant idea when prepping for an Oscar party a few weeks ago; I literally fist-pumped when my genius kicked in, and I realized that I could achieve the same delectable chocolatey coconut crunch with pop-corn that the Girl Scouts do so well with their cookies (and save a calorie or two, too!). After a quick jump on Pinterest, it turns out that I wasn't the first to drum up this idea, which just made the process that much easier for me. Thanks to Amy for her chocolate & coconut instructions as well as Nikki for how to make homemade caramel corn (time consuming, y'all). 

The end result is delicious, savory, sweet samoa caramel corn that I daresay was better than the cookie version. Eat it. Love it. Enjoy it.
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