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10 February 2014

5 Tips for Finding Affordable Fashion

Affordability is something that I feel like I struggle with in the good old blog world. When it appears as though everyone on the internet has the latest bag, frock, or bauble, it's hard not to jump on the "Who cares about the budget? I need it now!" train. With a teacher's salary, I've had to learn how to scour the depths of the internet and use resources wisely to avoid being a fashion faux-pas.

1. Shop at the end of a season: While it's hard to say "no" to that new spring sweater in the moment, rest assured it will be on-sale a mere four weeks later. Remember my fabulous J.Crew dress steal?! It happens; you just have to wait for it. 

2. Scour unknown sources: Affordable pieces are everywhere just waiting to be found. Little known shops like Oasap & Dynamite have dresses under $50!

3. Sign-up for emails: While it is all the rage to unsubscribe from emails, sometimes those little email subscriptions can be just the discount you need. This has always been especially handy when shopping for your guy; I definitely don't need an email from Golfsmith, but I DO need that 20% off coupon. 

4. Always check Amazon first: Do you hear me?! You simply can't afford not to. Take this cute coffee table book. Crate & Barrel has it for $35, but Amazon? $25.

5. Learn the power of a look-alike: Trust me when I say that while the "real" item is beautiful, I promise that you'll receive just as many compliments on the inspired-by piece. Check out Accessory Mercado for some great alternatives that won't break the bank.

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  1. Love this! Also hitting vintage and thrift stores is my favorite budget shopping tip. I hit the Goodwill on the West whenever I have the chance and I've scored tons of J. Crew, Banana Republic and the like.

  2. Great tips! And I couldn't agree more. I'm about all saving a dollar where I can! Have a great Monday!


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