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09 December 2013

Monday, My Day

Hello and a very warm welcome back!! First of all, while there were posts to be seen and giveaways to be had last week, I was definitely out of commission away on our honeymoon. We had a wonderful few days away at Peter Island, BVI. Did you happen to catch some of our pictures? Take a peek:

But now we're back to the grind. So, in that case, I think a few happy links are in order for this Monday:

The holidays are in full swing, and as such, bubbles and fizzy drinks abound. I'm smitten by these cocktail napkins, aren't you?

If you're still looking for a good present for your guy, try adding this to his stocking. Get it? Stockings for stockings? Regardless, I love the idea of a Sock of the Month club! 

Cannot get enough of this pickle wrapping paper. Pickles are my favorite.  

I finally got around to reading Where'd You Go, Bernadette, and it's definitely a must-read. No, it's not going to change your life, but it is going to entertain you for several hours.

And let's wrap up today with a little unexpected eye-candy.
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  1. We were there right before Thanksgiving! Small world. Such a gorgeous place.


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