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23 October 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Married Monogram

One of the things that I remember struggling with when we first started registering was deciding which order of letters to use for our married monogram. People have very strong opinions about this! 

According to tradition:
1. All household goods are done in the bride's monogram. Apparently, this is because household items would have been a part of her dowery. 
2. The man's monogram should not be separated from his last name, meaning his name would come first (to the left of the last name initial). 
3. You definitely shouldn't use your married monogram until you are married. 

Well, I like to live life on the edge and challenge tradition just a little bit. I know this is so anti-southern, but...I just don't care. :) Here are some things that I decided on my own (with a little help from Google): 

1. Our new household items would contain either a single last name letter (L) or our joint monogram with my initial coming to the left of the L. Ladies first, right? 
2. As much as it pained me, I would refrain from using our married monogram until AFTER we said I do. Of course, that doesn't apply to MY new monogram. I like living life on the edge, remember?

Superstitions aside, there are so many fun ways to incorporate your monogram into your wedding day, and Happy Clam Monogram has tons of ways to do just that! 

You can add a cake topper to your cake.

Create a fun & unique guest book

Or even spruce up your wine glass (my personal favorite). 

What about you? Did you incorporate your monogram on your day? Did you abide by tradition or set your own rules? Do tell!
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  1. I ended up not changing my name so I used my monogram for the cocktail napkins and guest towels that we used at the wedding to try to signal to people that I hadn't changed my name. Other than the napkins we didn't use monograms at the wedding. One thing I'm trying to figure out is if it is okay to use a monogram with my husband's last name since I like the shape better. I had ordered a few things with my new monogram before deciding that I was too lazy to change my name and that I didn't want to go further down in the alphabet.

  2. Love!!!! Thanks so much for this adorable feature!

  3. I am like you, I like to live on the edge sometimes!
    Using initials really give the personalize touch to clothing and your home.

  4. Unfortunately, we didn't use monograms. I love the look of them though. That cake topper is so cute!

  5. I totally agree! We used our monogram, ladies first. Although, I was surprised to receive a few gifts with his name first. Umm, hello? Using your joint monogram makes the home feel like yours together, in my opinion. I say go for it! :)


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